Together we’ll create a solution to achieve your goal.


At your first visit we will get to know each other and clearly specify what you want to accomplish. I will get a clear understanding of your specific desires and needs, as well as conduct an in-depth analysis of your type of suggestibility. I’ll provide a detailed explanation of Hypnosis, and help you understand how hypnosis accesses your subconscious programming to reach your desired goals. We will create a comfortable hypnotic state using inductions, along with deepening techniques and guided imagery to establish the best state for the success of hypnotic suggestions, focus and relaxation as well as sealing in positive results.

In sessions that follow, using hypnosis we will strengthen your desired change and build new tools that will help you accomplish what you need. Each session will include hypnosis and NLP strategies addressing your specific issues. All suggestions that are given while under hypnosis during your session can be audio-recorded and emailed to you for private use in between sessions for greater results. These recordings can be downloaded or you may also bring in your own recording device or use your cell phone recording app.