Hypnosis is the best tool for changing your life.

Hypnosis changes our automatic thoughts and automatic reactions.
We then experience the world in a NEW WAY.

Our mind automatically guides us through the day acting in the best way it knows.  We use hypnosis to change our AUTOMATIC thoughts and reactions to the world around us.

Why is hypnosis the best choice for this kind of change? Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness and focus when the critical mind and our limiting beliefs are quiet. Using hypnosis we can mold the parts of the mind that automatically express who we are. In a very real way we change who we are, by changing how we see and react to the world. With Hypnosis we can DIRECTLY change our AUTOMATIC REACTIONS.

It’s very difficult during our everyday lives to practice being something we are not. With hypnosis we can see, hear, taste, smell and feel things in a controlled safe environment and follow direction without our busy lives, family, friends, doubt or self sabotage to interfere. We can BE who we wish and REACT in the way we desire. Our brain and mind will respond and record the experience while we’re in hypnosis in the exact same way it would if it were experienced in the real world.

We don’t actively consciously choose to flinch at a loud noise or blush if another person looks at us in a certain way. We don’t consciously choose to have an emotional response to a persons name or music. We see the world according to what we have built in our minds throughout our life experiences. Good or bad, right or wrong we are what is written inside us. We like what we like and hate what we hate, we can do some things and we can’t do others.

The programs we run on are always being automatically adjusted rewritten and corrected during our daily experiences. Some things we learned quickly for example, we don’t want to smash our finger. Some things took a while to learn, like how to drive a car. We can recall some things from our past with perfect clarity and with very little effort, while other events in our lives fade away and are forgotten.

By using hypnosis we can create LASTING EXPERIENCES in our mind and memory that change our automatic reactions to the world around us.

How does that make a difference?

What’s the difference between someone who loves apples and someone who hates apples, or someone who hates exercise and someone who loves it? An automatic thought, which then causes an automatic reaction.

What’s the difference between someone who loves Public Speaking and someone who would freeze in front of people, or someone who is afraid of a dog and someone who is not?  An automatic thought, which then causes an automatic reaction.

What’s the difference between someone who has lost a partner and cannot recover and someone who can happily move on to new experiences and find love again?  An automatic thought, which then causes an automatic reaction.

With Hypnosis we can DIRECTLY change your AUTOMATIC REACTIONS.

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