Hypnosis has many health benefits, such as helping people to stop smoking, relieve large amounts of stress, and even give you better sleep. But what many may not believe is that hypnosis can also help with weight loss. Studies have shown that, when given hypnosis, men and women have been able to not only lose weight, but continually keep it off. In most cases, those that were given hypnosis lost weight right after receiving hypnotherapy, but also kept losing weight long after the initial case study was over.

In a 1985 case study (Effectiveness of Hypnosis…), researchers from the University of Northern Colorado’s Department of Psychology studied 109 people. The researchers divided everyone into two groups. Each one received behavioral management in order to lose weight, but only one group was given hypnosis. At the end of the nine-week program, both groups had lost a large amount of weight. However, when the researchers followed up after eight months and then two years, the group that had received hypnosis to aid with weight loss not only kept the initial weight off, they had all continued to lose weight while the group that had just received behavioral management remained unchanged.

Similarly, in a 1986 case study from the University of British Columbia (Hypnotherapy in Weight Loss Treatment), 60 women were divided into two groups. Both were asked to lose as much weight as possible in the time allowed. One group was given hypnosis for weight loss, while the other wasn’t given anything to help with weight loss. At the end of the study, the group that had been given hypnosis lost an average of 17 lbs, while the control group lost an average of 0.5 lbs.

Both studies show that hypnosis can significantly help with weight loss, and when combined with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the results can be even greater. In a 1996 study from the University of Connecticut’s Department of Psychology (Hypnotic Enhancement…), researchers found that those who paired hypnosis with CBT lost an average of 11.83 lbs during hypnosis weight loss studies, while those who only received CBT lost an average of 6.33 lbs. On top of this, the study also showed that those who received the hypnosis/CBT combination continued to lose up to 14.88 lbs per year after the study was concluded, while the CBT only group remained at the same pace.

If you’re sceptical about hypnotherapy, dozens of academic, peer-reviewed case studies show that hypnosis for weight loss is a viable and trustworthy option. Add hypnosis to your workout routine to boost athletic performance, gain motivation, and reduce the pain that comes with physical activity. With hypnosis treatments from Pasadena Hypnosis, you’ll be able to reach your weight loss goals with professional hypnosis therapy. Contact Pasadena Hypnosis today and set up your appointment in no time. We offer private, in-home therapy sessions for those within 60 miles of the Los Angeles area, or we can offer hypnosis via Skype and over the phone.