Having a hard time getting to sleep at night? Unable to remain asleep or achieve rapid eye movement (REM) sleep? Hypnosis may just be the perfect solution for you then. Though it’s practical for many applications, such as academic and professional success, as well as creative growth, hypnosis has been used for decades to help with sleep management. Hypnosis sleep therapy can help both men and women and has actually been proven to be quite effective in several case studies.

In 1979, researchers from Guy’s Hospital Medical School in London gathered 18 patients who all suffered from insomnia (Insomnia and Hypnotherapy). All patients were between 29 and 60 years old and had insomnia for at least three months before the study began. The researchers concluded that the patients would sleep significantly better with hypnosis rather than when only using a placebo. On top of this, more patients had a better night’s sleep with hypnosis than they did with placebo or sleeping pills, and it took them less time to fall asleep. After the study, the patients were taught self-hypnosis, which helped them continue to gain the results they achieved throughout the case study.

A case study in 1989 saw a researcher from the University of Tasmania in Australia conduct a study on 45 subjects (Hypnotic Relaxation…) to see what would help someone get to sleep faster. The researcher divided the 45 individuals into three groups, all using different sleep-inducing techniques. Of the three groups, the one that used hypnotic relaxation, rather than stimulus control or a placebo, was the only group toget to sleep faster. This study was used to find a way to reduce sleep onset latency (SOL), in which hypnotic relaxation was the only proven method from the trial.

Both studies showed that sleep can be positively affected by hypnotherapy for adults. A case study in 2006 by the State University of New York Upstate Medical University studied hypnosis effects on kids who had insomnia (Hypnosis for Treatment of Insomnia in School-Age Children…). In the trial, researchers studied 84 children with reported sleep issues who were all given hypnosis for sleep. At the end of the study, 90 percent of the 84 children reported that their symptoms or reasons they couldn’t get to sleep had been greatly reduced or completely resolved. Self-hypnosis techniques were then taught to the children so they could continue their results.

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