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Quit Smoking Once And For All


You can enjoy the process from beginning to end. We can help you every step of the way. Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is designed to help people quit smoking by overcoming the nicotine addiction completely. Pasadena Hypnotherapy will work with you to bring unhealthy thoughts and cravings to the surface. Once we get to the root of the addiction, those thoughts are replaced with an encouraging and healthier frame of mind that feels great.

It is so pleasurable to be a healthy x-smoker, to be strong, to be a winner who knows that smoking cigarettes will longer have any draw or grip on you at all anymore. 

Are you ready to live a healthier life free of harmful cigarettes? Have you tried to quit, only to be disappointed with the outcome? 

Don’t give up hope; contact Pasadena Hypnosis today! 
We offer Smoking Cessation hypnotherapy services via phone or on zoom from your own home or in our offices. 
We look forward to being able to help you find success in your journey to quit smoking forever. Call us today!

Freedom From Nicotine


Are you ready to be done with smoking forever? The best time to quit is right now. You have everything you need now to be happy and free. No more constant burning up money, cigarette smell or early death.

If you truly want to be done with cigarettes forever, I can help you accomplish that goal with no pain or suffering. The myths about why cigarettes have a grip on us can be complicated to understand. Once you fully understand the mechanisms that have a hold on you, it becomes an easy process to let go completely and forever.  

Your body and mind want good health. Once you understand deeply and truthfully that cigarettes provide nothing, your body and mind will let it go with enthusiasm. 


There is no reason to hesitate at all. 

Contact me today:

Accepting and understanding why you smoke will help you prepare yourself to quit. The real question is how good can you feel about being free from cigarettes forever. What does it mean to be free forever, free and happy. Habits are formed by a three-part psychological pattern that begins with a cue, known better as a trigger. When a trigger occurs, it sends a signal to your brain, which goes into automatic mode and causes the behavior to unfold. Activities, feelings, and environments can become linked to your smoking, triggering the idea of needing a cigarette. After your hypnotherapy session for smoking cessation, every thought of smoking you encounter will make you feel that pleasure of your victory. You know you won. You know you are better, happier and free. In your future you will always have that feeling of strength and pride when you encounter anything that reminds you of smoking. 


You can be that winner right now. It is only one decision away.

Why Is Quitting Smoking Hard?

The problem is that it's difficult to understand how smoking has changed your thinking. The chemical reaction that nicotine uses is perfect to cause addiction.  Once you understand what is keeping you from walking away happily, all of the problems melt away. 

It is time to walk away now.
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